Buying a Used Car ? Better Be Aware Of These Things!

Most of the people today prefer to buy used cars more than fresh one because of the better availability and lower price, but not everyone are aware about the quick checkups they should do before getting the used one. There are heaps of things you should be aware about when you are going for used vehicle. The tips that we share today might help you to know whether the car has been in an accident or not.

  • Paint:- The first thing you can visualise on a car is its colour. Usually it’s hard to understand if the car has repainted or not from a glimpse. But if you take a detailed you can see some paint colour variations or parts that has been left unpainted on a repainted car and also you can identify it by checking the finishing on paint.
  • Inconsistent Panels:- The designing of each cars are done by professional engineers and all the cars have good finishing and consistency in the gap. If the panels of the car has wrong gap in between their length and width or if its wrongly aligned then you can know there’s something wrong with car.
  • Check Bumper and Fender:- These are the both edges of car which can hit easily and this will be the first thing which will crash easily upon an accident. Look for any marks on both these areas or any patch works. If you find one then better be aware.
  • Windshield:- Windshields are another part which broke or cracks upon a crash. The cracks on windshield are easy to identify but not the replaced ones though. Check for the cracks, webs, chips on both front and rear windshield of the car
  • Bending:- Bending is one thing that happens when a car hits. Usually the first thing that bends if car hits from from front will be the bumper and doors and if its from the rear it would be fender. So check for the bend marks on these things and also allover the side of the car.
  • Underhood Checkup:- This is the place where you need to do a detailed checkup because its the most important part of car and thats where the heart exists. Check for any misplacement of parts or damages around the inner parts like radiator, engine, compressor, master cylinder etc.
  •  Unmatched Body Parts:- The next thing you need check is the body parts on the car, it should be matching each other. You should ask the owner of the car whether he had changed the parts or not unless the owner has declared that it should be clearly matching.


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