Buying a Used Car or Bike??!… Note these things in mind

While thinking of a second-hand vehicle, there are certain things we need to be careful of.

  • First, let’s see the engine part. Sometimes the engine may not be well maintained. Need to check the engine oil, coolant, oil filter, air filter and gear oil. Can be changed later if necessary.


  • Give a look at the Accelerator and the Clutch Cables whether its need to change or not. A well maintained engine will give good performance and continue to work smoother.


  • Let’s see all the lights are working well or not. if there is a black or white shade on the bulb it shows the low life of the bulb. The battery life should also be checked. Check the wiring condition with an expert.


  • As part of the security make sure the door switches are working properly. Check the AC is doing well. If not, check the compressor and gas pressure.


  • Wiper blades need to change if they are running for long. Long-running wiper blades bring scratches to glass.


  • Check no body parts are covered in rust.


  • Take a test drive and check the working of the brakes and gears. suspension, noise from the engine or any body parts and steering control are the other things need to be noted on a test drive.


  • Before buying the vehicle go through its service log and check the car has been serviced at regular intervals and had no major complaints.


  • Checking the insurance paper help to know whether if it has been involved in accidents.

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