Common Issues on KTM Duke 200 & 390

Duke 200 & 390 are the finest high performance motorbikes ever produced by KTM. The power that churns out KTMs engine is outrageous and no other lower displacement bikes on same category has that power & performance. Most of the people India have negative thought that Duke is a Killer Machine but the truth is that its not a killer machine. Its all about handling the power, when power goes to the wrong hands shitty things happens. Whatever it is, today we’ll see what all are the common issues found on KTM Duke.

Over Heating :-The most common issue found on KTMs engine is over-heating but its normal on all liquid cooled engine and the heat is more felt when the radiator fan is on. This is not even a major issue but need to give break when the bike is on long ride.

Coolant Leakage :- This is another problem seen on Duke, coolant gets leaked if we don’t give a regular care on bike or happens when fails to top up properly.

Electric Circuit Failure :- This is not a common issue but still 1 from 100s are facing this problem. The sudden failure of electric circuit of a running bike will ends up in falling off. Also the bike won’t start up on the occurrence of this one.

Engine Seizure :- Now this a major issue of Duke because it can damage the whole engine. Usually this happens when the rider is not handling the bike properly and repairing this one is expensive. Most commonly this happens before first run of bike mainly because of wrong shifts.

Gear Stuck :- Gear stuck is usual in most of the KTM bike. The gear gets stuck in neutral in-between the shifts. This is even hard when we give throttle and the bike is still on neutral.

Temperature & Fuel gauge Problems :- This is not a common issue but its hard to understand when gauge behaves weirdly. Its hard to understand how much fuel is left in the tank or the temperature when the meter is not working.

Engine Shutoffs :- It happens when clutch is applied at high speed. it is pretty scary when the engine gets shut off at high speed especially when it happens around corner or at hilly areas. This is one of the most common problem found of Duke 390.

Engine Oil Leakage :- Oil leakage from the head and crank case is another problem found on Duke. This happens mainly due to broken seal and when the engine is not fit properly after a service is done.

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