Hyundai Mobis, Sunroof Airbag Technology! Worthy or Not ?

We have heard a lot about car safety features and ABS, traction control techniques and related stuffs. When it comes to safety Airbag is first mandatory thing which one car must have and almost all the car companies have offered airbags for both driver and passenger seats. But have you ever thought of airbag at sunroof?. Yes its real Hyundai has brought this new concept and they will be adding this feature to their cars soon. Hyundai company claimed that this airbag will deploy in 0.08 seconds after the impact. The new technology that they brought out is so unique now and even any of the other luxury cars which offer 4-5star on crash testing don’t have a similar airbag facility.

Hyundai has already completed the road test of sunroof featured car later this month. The company tells that panoramic sunroof airbag will cover the whole sunroof and it will protect the passengers from rollover accident. Hyundai has also declared that they will bring out this feature for all of their premium cars as considering the safety of the passengers. So literally we expect that the cars that are coming out in 2018 or after will get this safety feature on them and the first model that will be coming up with this feature will be Genesis GV80.

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