Karnataka Banned Pillion Riders For Bikes Below 100CC

No more pillion riders allowed for bikes below 100CC. So the latest news is that Karnataka government has banned pillion riders for all two-wheeler which are below 100cc. The Transport Department of Karnataka has brought out the most recent change in the Two wheeler Regulation after considering the safety of pillion riders who are mainly the victim in most of the accidents in Karnataka these days. The new rules regarding this one will roll out within one week.

From past one year it has been noted that all the youngsters who had died in road accidents in this state were pillion bikers. So this is the main reason why MVD of Karnataka has brought new rule to the state. MVD has declared that the new rules won’t affect the current two-wheelers which has already been registered. It comes on effect from the upcoming models. All the two wheeler manufacturing companies now has to ensure that they have to provide single seating capacity to the newly released bikes which are under 100cc capacity. Also from now onwards the owner of the bike cannot make changes in the seating capacity of bikes that comes under these category. If someone does that he would be punished and penalised soon.

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