Land rover 70th anniversary, World Land Rover Day!

The Land Rover Defender will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of this month. By the month of April, it has been exactly 70 years have passed over since the first Land Rover was showcased at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show. The Land Rover started to invite their fans across the world in to join the upcoming World Land Rover Day on the 30th of April, 2018. The event welcomes those who helped to create the world’s most-loved 4x4s and the brains behind Land Rover’s pioneering technologies,

Jaguar Land Rover CEO, Prof Dr Ralf Speth, said, “Land Rover is an iconic brand around the world and the outline of the Defender is instantly recognisable. To reach the landmark of 70 years is truly special and we will mark it with a year of celebrations that represents Land Rover’s ‘Above and Beyond’ spirit and honours the people behind the world’s favourite SUVs.”

The outline of the Land Rover was first created on the sands of the Red Wharf Bay in the UK by the Maurice Wilks, who was the engineering director of Land Rover. Later by the request of Land Rover, snow artist Simon Beck created the 250-metre outline of the Defender SUV on the side of a mountain in the French Alps. This has kickstarted the celebrations of the upcoming World Land Rover Day.

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