Policy to link Aadhaar with vehicles to be set up soon by Ministry of Home Affairs !!!!.

For securing Indian highways Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) panel working on Highway Security, which was formed in July 2017 and headed by AP Maheshwari, director general of the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) has suggested to set up a Central Repository Body (CRB) to maintain data on motor vehicles by linking their registration numbers to the Aadhaar numbers of their owners. The recommendations are aimed at preventing the growing Maoist terrorist attacks on highways, reducing violence against women, robbery and accidents.

The panel body consists of representatives from the ministry of road transport and highways and MHA as well as the director generals of police (DGPs) from states of Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Assam. The panel hasn’t directly recommended linking motor vehicles to Aadhaar. Creation of a Central Body is one of the suggestions in which this panel recommended for the safety of the highway. The Central Repository Body (CRB) collect the vehicle details connected to Aadhaar throughout the country at the central government level.

Members of the panel body will discuss and scrutinise all the recommendations after which they will be taken up at the central and state level. If the central government and the states are to give their proposals permission, all vehicle owners will have to add their own vehicles to Aadhaar.

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