Precautions to Guard Bikes From Summer Heat

As the summer is arriving most of the automobile dealerships are announced summer service camp for the vehicles. Do we need to wait for the service camp announced by dealerships? Let’s have a look for some tips to take care of our bikes from the summer heat.

It is vital to guard the bike against the summer heat and keep parts in running condition. The precautions can start with checking brakes, oil levels, electrical components and tyres. It is better not to use a bike with over-inflated or under-inflated tyres, long runs cause it to heat up and blow up further. And also not forget to check the tyre pressure when they are cold.

Giving a proper wash and wax coating will make the bike look like a new one. A regular checkup will help you to get very close to your machine and enable you to distinguish the minor imperfections that may turn into a state of worry over the long haul. Remember to check the condition of the chain and its tension once per week. Likewise, lubricate the chain and the sprocket along with the checkup. It is better to use chain spray to lubricate the uncovered chains instead of normal grease and chain lube.

Apart from the chain, a weekly check up on engine oil level is good if you ride the bike daily in the summer heat. The engine will consume more oil in the extreme temperature, so when the oil level drops, top it up to the recommended level. Another important check up to do is the condition of the battery, spark plug and air filter once in a month.

Always try to park the bike in the shade. Parking under the sunlight for a long time will heat up the fuel tank which will prompt wastage of fuel due to evaporation. And also it fades the colour. Above all, keep this in mind that a well-maintained bike always gets good resale value and last for long.

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