Renault Duster and Jeep Compass Comparison, Reviews

France or America ?! Which one would you go for ?. Recently Jeep launched their compass model to India with a fare price tag. Firstly it was a hit on the face of Renault, Mahindra, Ford, Hyundai etc. Now all the mid range SUV from these companies has to compete with Jeep compass. I would tell comparing with the price tag, performance, interior designs etc Mahindra XUV would win the prize. But still lets compare the new Jeep Compass with newest version of Renault Duster.

The model that we use here for comparing is Jeeps Compass 1.4 Sport & Renault Duster 1.5 Petrol RXE. Jeep Compass comes with 1.4-Litre 4-Cylinder Multi-air Engine whereas the Renault Duster has H4K Petrol Engine. The maximum power Jeep Compass produce is 160bhp@3750rpm and Renault Duster is  104.5bhp@5600rpm. The maximum torque of Compass 1.4 Sport is 250Nm@1750-2500rpm and Renault Duster is 142Nm@4000rpm. Both has got 4 cylinder engine. jeep compass has got 6 speed manual transmission system whereas Duster has got 5 speed manual transmission. The drive type of Jeep compass is 4X2 whereas Duster is FWD. The fuel efficiency of Compass  is 16 kmpl and Duster is 15 kmpl.

The front suspension of Jeep Compass is McPherson Strut with Lower Control Arm Disc and rear is Multi Link Suspension with Strut Assembly whereas the front suspension of Renault Duster is MacPherson Strut and rear is Trailing Arm. The wheel size of both these SUV’s are 16inch and both comes with tubeless radial tyre. The boot space of Jeep Compass is 408-litres & Renault Duster is 475-litres. Fuel tank capacity of compass is higher than Renault Duster, Compass one is  60 Liters and Duster is 50 Liters. Renault Duster has got more ground clearance when compared to Jeep Compass ie 205mm and ground clearance of Compass is 178mm.When it comes to safety Compass is rated as 4.5 out of 5 which has got Airbags for both driver and passenger whereas Duster gives only for Driver. The price of Jeep Compass is 15.16lakhs and price tag of 2017 Renault Duster is 8.43lakhs.

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