Royal Enfield Himalayan A Life Endangering Machine

We all love our bae unconditionally and we would certainly do anything for her, but what happens if she cheat on us and even more than thrice? Would you barely accept that?. Literally this is what RE bikes are doing to us in ages but still we love them. Each time when a Royal Enfield gets into a service station the minor issues becomes major!. Are the service centres responsible for that? What do you think ??. The feelings are too hard when this happens and the company doesn’t give a shit about it. Yes accept the fact RE is not worthy as you think. I would tell its not Royal machine but life taking one instead.

RE always had issues with their bikes and the harsh thing is that the company is not even recalling the bikes after considering the risks, they are still selling and launching the new models with same issues to the market. The most recent launch from RE “The Himalayan” has also got several reported issues from the clients. The major issues that the customers facing were Oil leakage, battery failure, quick engine shut offs at high speeds, clutch issue, gear issue, engine oil leakage issues, magnetic coil issues etc.

Hereby we are sharing an attachment regarding the most recent report from one of the RE client Anthony Dinu. He even had close call to death several times because of his new Himalayan. He reported the problems with service centre several times but that didn’t help much, they even failed to find the root cause and fix the issues. Each time the issues increased and literally the bike was dying day after day. The issues with this bike started on battery failure and guess what the battery had failed 4 times in just 2 months. The next thing he faced was the complaint with magnetic coil just in a span of one year which even took 8 days for the service centre to get the parts and fix that. The service centre managers claimed that they fixed all the issues but then soon he faced the engine shutdown problem when he was cruising through the highway at 80 kmph and this time it was a scary and life endangering one. Anthony had already made an complaint against the showroom regarding issues he faced on his bike but we still don’t have any idea about the decision of company whether they gonna recall it or not. 


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