Royal Enfield never been more ROYAL! RE 1000CC Invader INR 7.35 LAKHS

Hey wassup Bajaj fanboys ? oh sorry it should be Dominar fan boys instead ay?. Alright whatever better these fan boys can keep their mouth shut and better backoff now. Royal EnfieldĀ  has gone a bit higher now. Its now all about 1000cc game, RE was always a playboy among all the generations and now it has grown a bit further. As we all know there are heaps of super bikes and cruisers arriving India each year and the price tag for these bikes are too high, so that most of the people can’t afford that but still RE was there for the people at best price and whats interesting now is Royal Enfield is contributing something new to the 1000cc category as well. Yes RE gonna launch its new 1000cc Bullet. Lets take a look at the specifications that RE is bringing up for the new Bullet.

It comes with 1000cc, fuel-injected, air-cooled, 55-degree V-Twin engine which can produce maximum 52ps and maximum of 82nm of torque. The 1000cc V-Twin engine of this bike is powered with 500cc UCE engine units. The new Invader has got a 5 speed gear transmission system. It has got Disc brakes both front and rear and has Anti-lock Braking System. And also this is the first bullet which comes with dual side slung exhausts. It has got twin shock rear absorbers and has got a heavy duty crank shaft in it. The top speed of this bike is expected to be inbetween 150-170kmph. It is expected to get an average fuel efficiency of 20kmpl in city runs and 25kmpl in highways. The ex-showroom price of new REC Invader is INR 7.35 Lakhs.

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