Safety Features Are Now Mandatory | Indian Goverment

Nowadays hundreds of people are losing their lives in road accidents. Most of the cars which are sold in India doesn’t have any safety features and these cars have even failed crash tests million times but still they are available in market. The recent news is that Indian Government is planning to give safety first priority and the government will be bringing new set of rules regarding this next year. All the cars which are manufactured and sold after 1st July 2019 must have those features in it.  Each year lakhs of people are either losing their lives or getting into worse conditions due to road accidents. The road accident survey 2016 showed that there are 1.51 lakhs of victims and all of them lose their life because of overspending and lack of safety features.

The government will makes Airbags, ABS, Seatbelt Reminder, Speeding Alert System mandatory in all the cars which are manufactured after 2019 and also the central locking system, parking sensors will be also added with these safety features. The speed alert system will be working above 80 kmph and it will be unstoppable if someones speed about 120 kmph. Most of the basic cars which are sold now doesn’t have any of these safety features because of its lower price availability but the new rule will make the automotive companies to provide that as part of basic safety features.

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