Toyota Siblings Out For A Spin ! New Fortuner VS Old, Comparison

When it comes to premium SUV category the competition is way harder than other segments. But still one legend always won the show that is none other than the “Toyota Fortuner”. Fortuner was always one car than came into most peoples mind when they thought of SUV. The power & performance unleashed from fortuner engine was absolutely outstanding. Literally it took over the whole SUV market soon after its debut itself. The old Toyota was a big success in Indian market. Though it was one of the best SUV from Toyota, they brought out the new model of Fortuner with more features in 2016.

The overall design of the car has changed on the new Fortuner. It has got new LED inserted Dual Projector Headlights, LED DRL, Fog lamps, New Bumper and Grille etc. Even though the new model looks similar to the old one the new alloy wheels and newly designed glass gi a shining from the side view. Toyota managed to takeout the old interior because it was a bit outdated and brought up with new touchscreen infotainment system, Instrument cluster, AC vents, Engine switch etc.

The major thing we need to know is about what changes Toyota made under the hood !. The old fortuner had 2.4L & 3.0L options in which 2.4L  engine produced maximum power of 142bhp & 343Nm of torque and 3.0L produced maximum power of 169bhp & 343Nm of torque. the new fortuner comes with 2.8L GD & 2.7L engine options were2.8L GD produces maximum power of 177bhp and maximum torque of 450Nm and 2.7L produces maximum power of 166bhp and maximum torque 245Nm. The older version had both 5-speed manual and automatic gear transmission system whereas the new model has 6-speed manual and automatic transmission for Diesel  and 5-speed manual & 6-speed Automatic transmission for petrol variant.

When it comes to dimensions the new fortuner is bit longer than old one, it has got overall length of 4,795mm whereas the old one was 4,705mm. The overall width of new fortuner is 1,855mm and the old one was 1,840mm. The overall height of new fortuner is 1,835mm and old one was 1,850mm. The ground clearance of new fortuner is 225mm and old one is 220mm. The new Toyota Fortuner is much fuel efficient than the older one because of its lighter weight. Thanks George Johnson for sharing us the information & photos for your cars for making the contrast.

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