Yamaha Steps Into Car Industry! Design Based On iStream Technology

After making tremendous success over decades in motorbike industry Yamaha is now planning to take over the car industry as well. They have showcased the new concept model which is pretty gorgeous and sports venom. The plan is to get it unveiled at next Tokyo Motor Show and win the hearts. This sports variant will be developed on Gordon Murray’s iStream manufacturing process and from the pics its clear that its a 2-door coupe model. If you haven’t heard of Murray, you might have heard of McLaren F1 and he’s the designer of McLaren.

Yamaha haven’t even revealed any spec regarding this model but still expected to get a turbocharged engine with 1.0-liter three-cylinder. The power delivered from this beast will be more than 100hp and this model will be a perfect rival for Lotus Elise. The car will be weighing around 750 kilos and carbon fibre is used in most of the parts to make it lightweight and it has got a aerodynamic design to cut through the wind and cruise more fast. The overall length of this car is 153.5 inches and width is 1,720 mm and height is 1,170 mm.

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